Choose from: Cherry / Fudgesicle / Orange / Rocket

Ice Cream Sandwich


Choose from Mega Ice Cream Sandwich or Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

Vanilla-Almond Ice Cream Bar


Coconut-Caramel NON DAIRY Ice Cream Bar


Enjoy this delicious Haagen Dazs selection, with absolutely NO dairy!

Vanilla-Caramel Drumstick


Ice Cream Sundae


Choose from: Vanilla / Chocolate / Butterscotch Ripple
Add: Whipped Cream / Peanuts / Sprinkles / Cherry
Top it off with: Chocolate / Caramel / Strawberry Sauce!
Large Size Also Available: $4.99ea

Ice Cream Cone


Choose from: Vanilla / Chocolate / Butterscotch Ripple
Try Two Scoops: Only $3.99ea!

Homestyle Butter Tart


Plain / Pecan



Chocolate Chunk
Banana Chocolate Chunk



Fudge Brownie / Trip Chocolate Brownie
Try one heated, with a scoop of ice cream: + $0.75



Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Soft Sugar Cookie



Made with Italian Mascarpone

Crème Brûlée


Creamy Custard with Carmelized Topping

Chudleigh's Apple Crumble Blossom


A tasty Apple Blossom, served warm with a flaky pastry and bursting with farm-fresh fruit!
Add Ice Cream ("A La Mode"): + $0.75

Coffee Cakes / Pies


Ask your server for today's fresh selection of Coffee Cakes and Pies!
Add Ice Cream ("A La Mode"): + $0.75

Please note, we have made our menu available online for the convenience of our guests, and there may be daily specials and pricing changes not reflected on this listing.

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